Legal advice directly to homes

The firm’s quarterly magazine is a case in point. Rather than relying on people to seek out the firm, the publication is printed and delivered directly to the homes of over 30,000 private addresses in the local area.

The quality of design and paper reinforce Myerson’s positioning in the market and give the magazine a ‘keepability’ factor (aka a long shelf life!) which means it serves as a constant reminder about the firm to recipients.

We love working with the team at Myerson to produce these magazines, not least because the content is genuinely interesting.

The latest edition features items about fertility and surrogacy; the pitfalls to avoid if you’re building your own house; the rise in popularity of FICs (family investment companies); a practical look at recent legislation affecting private landlords; and the importance of careful estate planning if you own property overseas.

Naturally, the magazine is also available to download on the firm’s website so all bases really are covered.

And if you’re interested in saving your family up to £140,000 in inheritance tax, you might want to attend Myerson’s seminar about ‘Wealth & Asset Preservation for Your Family’ which is also featured in the magazine!