Increasing website leads for conveyancing team

Legal practice Garratts wanted to increase the number of leads its conveyancing team was receiving via its website.

Our digital team conducted an audit and found that although people were visiting the conveyancing pages, they weren’t staying for long – in digital speak, the bounce rate was high.

To tackle this, we redesigned the section so that it featured easier navigation; a simple call back request form; profiles and links to individual members of the team; and stronger calls to action throughout.

We also drafted new SEO friendly, engaging content to help the search engines rank the pages higher.

Since going live in early December, Garratts has seen a 56% increase in the volume of pages people visit after landing on the conveyancing section of the site. Even more encouraging is that these people are staying three minutes longer onsite, clearly demonstrating that the new design and content is more engaging.

Plans are now afoot to review other sections of the firm’s website and apply a similar approach.