Helping Altrincham BID secure a ‘yes’ vote

The UK has over 200 Business Improvement Districts, which are geographic areas where local businesses have voted to put money into a collective pot to fund improvements in their trading environment (things that go above and beyond what’s funded by the local authorities).

We’ve supported our local BID since it was first launched in 2016.  In fact, we named it Altrincham Unlimited to convey the potential of our town and also created its visual identity to convey the vibrancy of the organisation itself.

As its initial five-year term nears an end, Altrincham Unlimited’s future must be decided by a public ballot.  In short, it needs to secure a ‘yes’ vote from the local businesses it has represented.

Given the organisation’s outstanding track record, a ‘yes’ vote seemed inevitable … but that was before Covid-19 reared its ugly head and put untold pressure on local businesses.

Which is where we come in …

Our job was to produce a report highlighting the countless successes delivered by Altrincham Unlimited during its first five-year term.  Ultimately, we needed to persuade business owners to vote ‘yes’. 

The 36-page report needed to back a powerful punch.  It had to be ‘relatable’ and convince local businesses of all sizes of the importance and benefits of voting ‘yes’ in the upcoming ballot.

In order to understand the messages that would most resonate with the target audience, we conducted research into other BIDs that had secured a second term. Armed with this knowledge, our designers set to work.  

They had a LOT of information to include in the report but were determined to make it visually appealing by incorporating lots of imagery and illustrations to make it an easy and enjoyable read.

Despite having to navigate a complex approval process, they delivered the report in two weeks from brief to print.  

As an Altrincham-based agency, we have experienced the amazing work delivered by the BID team and know how we’ll be voting and hope other businesses vote ‘yes’, too.