Delivering a spooky event for Halloween

We’ve worked with iconic sweet maker Swizzels for many years, providing day-to-day PR activity but certain calendar events require an extra dose of creativity … such as Halloween!

Whatever you feel about this spooky date, there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s popularity in the UK continues to grow.

Given this, every year we are tasked with putting Swizzels front of mind in the lead up to Halloween to help drive sales when consumers are out shopping and preparing for Halloween.

And there lies the challenge.  With the increased popularity of Halloween, every confectionery brand is upping their game and fighting harder for attention.  This year, Swizzels knew they had to do something different.  Which is exactly what they did.  They commissioned a short film-style advert, ‘Scared or Prepared?’.

It then fell to us to build an integrated campaign around this film.  We needed something big, something bold.

After lots of brainstorms, we decided to host a spooky event in London for journalists and social media influencers to preview the film and be exposed to the delights of Swizzels.

Now this might sound like an easy option but trust us, getting journalists to attend events is increasingly difficult for a whole host of reasons.  So, it was a big challenge to say the least.

But, boy, did we pull it off!

With ‘A Night of the Living Dead’ theme, we organised everything from personalised invitations to booking zombies and tarot card readers to preparing bespoke goodie bags … everything to ensure our VIP guests had a spooktastic and memorable evening.

As for the guests? Alongside leading social media influencers, we were delighted to welcome a whole host of journalists from ITV, The Sun and the Evening Standard, to name but a few.

They were given an exclusive viewing of the film and simply had a very memorable evening.  In turn, they rewarded us well with dozens of pieces of press coverage and social media posts.  All of which helped us position Swizzels as the go-to brand at Halloween.

If you would like an event which is the talk of the town RMS can make this happen!