Concept to print – a coffee table corporate brochure

Having worked with legal practice Myerson for several years, we’ve come to know each other very well.

So much so, that when they decided the time had come for a new corporate brochure, they asked us to take care of the whole project – from concept to copy to design and print.

Our starting point was to agree a list of content that would showcase the firm’s services and expertise, while also conveying its unique personality and approach to doing business.

This phase gave us the perfect opportunity to challenge the firm about the way it referred to certain services – were the descriptors customer-centric or simply what had always been used in the legal profession as a whole for years?  They were receptive and we were delighted when they suggested a new way of grouping and describing their wide service offer.   

Flat plan agreed, we turned to how it would look.

After discounting a number of abstract conceptual ideas that were a bit ‘too clever’, we went back to the drawing board and agreed on a simpler – but equally impactful – way forward. In short, we agreed to harness the vibrancy of Myerson’s logo throughout, while keeping the typography clean and the imagery strong.  We also ensured there was lots of space because, in our book, cluttered design is never a good thing.

Keen to avoid being ‘copy heavy’, our writers crafted succinct copy that still managed to convey a lot of information.

Next, we commissioned photography before our designers set to work creating a 32-page brochure guaranteed to pack a big punch and impress recipients with its sheer beauty.

Everyone who has seen the brochure has gone. ‘wow!’.

By having ‘coffee table appeal’, the Myerson name is now constantly under peoples’ noses, which helps with brand awareness.

By not cutting corners and allowing us to commission great photography and high-quality print, Myerson has succeeded in conveying its personality and quality position in the market.