Website Audits

Ensuring your website continues to work to its maximum potential is hugely important for every business.

Your website needs to be built on solid foundations and so we have created a new technical audit to help identify areas where performance can be improved. Even the smallest technical issue can negatively affect your business revenues, rankings and even a potential customer’s experience of your brand. By carrying out a technical audit, we’ll be able to quickly highlight those important factors – most require a small fix to see a big difference.


Traffic Stagnation/Drop

One key reason why your site could do with a proper check is that you’ve noticed a drop in organic traffic and overall visibility or have simply stagnated and aren’t seeing the growth you expected. This could be down to a technical hitch, or there may be areas of the site which could be improved.

Making key content easier to crawl and generally making the site more accessible is likely to help in overall visibility. Other areas looked at in an audit, such as the analysis of on-page optimisation and internal linking, will go towards finding the solution.

Search is Constantly Evolving

Another reason for a site audit would be more of a general point: search is always changing and evolving. You should ensure that your site is changing and evolving with it. Not too long ago, Google announced their intentions of creating a mobile first index, which takes mobile sites into account during the crawling and indexing process, not just the desktop site.

Partner this with the constant reminders of how important site speed is, if your site still isn’t properly optimised for mobile, then you’ll likely be left behind.

There’s also the use of new and growing technologies such as schema markup and AMP, as well as the use of rich snippets/cards which tie in with the evolution of search results pages, all areas which will be looked into during an audit, ensuring that the site is making the most of any new technology which could benefit it.

Our four key Audit areas:

  • Page Structure and Site Architecture*
  • Crawlability, Sitemaps and URLs*
  • Internal and External linking*
  • On-page Optimisation*
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