Media Relations

A network of trusted relationships with journalists and editors is worth its weight in rubies.

It means we can get stories into the press where others would slide into junk mail. It also means editors will approach us for commentary to add real-world truth to an article they’re about to publish.

But most important of all, it enables us to cultivate a sympathetic environment for both good stories and bad, which is useful when the press has the power, as Malcolm X observed, to make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent.

How can we boost your media relations?

Securing media coverage for you is what we do. After a quarter of a century in the game – on both the media relations and journalist side of the fence – our Little Black Book of media contacts has grown and grown into a cross between a Who’s Who and an Encyclopedia of How To Get Things Done.

Our contacts have come to rely on us as a reliable source of information and a great go-to for a story. We know what they’re looking for and we have the skills and flair to package it as they want it. Great copy, well written and neatly positioned to appeal to their readers, it’s what we do day in day out.

It’s one big responsibility off your mind. Leave it to us to come up with great ideas for storylines, pitch them to the right platform or publication and write the compelling copy to drive the story home. With every word bang on brand strategy.

You can rely on our team of media relations experts and ex-journalists for:

  • A regular flow of positive and influential media coverage
  • Coaching and advice on media interviews and interview techniques
  • Professional management of your press office
  • Effective, results-oriented preparation of award entries
  • Measuring and evaluating the impact of media exposure

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