Creative Campaigns

We give you the perfect blend of clever thinking.

Effective communications are 90% logic and 10% magic. The logic is the engine that drives your message home and the magic is the petrol. You get where you want to go because the engine is methodically and meticulously designed. But it simply won’t work without the petrol.

That’s exactly what you get with RMS. We build a solid, reliable foundation to deliver your objectives, based on thorough research and sound thinking. But then we stir in the magic to make your message unforgettable.

How we go about it.

The great John Hegarty once said, “Creativity isn’t an occupation. It’s a preoccupation.” And that’s something we’d go along with. Creativity isn’t a task that you start at a certain time and finish at a certain time. Yes we have deadlines, and yes, we’re rigorous about them. But apart from that, our creatives’ minds are never off. Great ideas sometimes strike when you’re in the office, staring at your blank piece of paper – but that’s against the odds.

More often than not, the best ideas come when you’re walking the dog, chopping an onion, ruminating in the bath, in bed, on the train. They came unbidden. Ideas can’t be made to happen.

But what we can do is fill our heads with as much information as we can about your product, your culture, your brand personality, your customers. We read and talk and talk and read about it until what you do is punched into every cell of our minds. And then we let go and allow the ideas to come. Then we turn the idea into a campaign and make it come to life in lots of different ways.



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