Animation / Illustration

Why animate your message?

The flickering flames of a fire. The bumble bee tracking across the flowers. The dart of a trout in a stream. Our eyes are drawn to movement. It’s hard-wired into our brains because we know that movement means change – something that demands our attention.

It has natural charm. It gets noticed. And you can own it. The colours, the images and how they interact with the words. They’re all yours, created within your brand guidelines, solely to make the point you want to make.

It makes complex ideas simpler to understand. And it lets you do absolutely anything. It costs no more to make a man fly to the moon than it does to make him fly to the corner shop. And with RMS, it’s more accessible than you ever imagined.

How can it help you?

We can make a short film to make sure visitors to your website are welcomed with your most important message presented in its most digestible form. Or we can create a series of engaging, shareable messages to use across social media. All bespoke, unique and bang on budget.

How do we approach it?

Let’s be clear. We’re not talking cartoons. We’re talking tools. This is your film. A way of getting your message across in the most engaging, memorable way. Whether it’s funny, serious, heartrending, abstract or minimalist, when you see the finished film it’ll be a piece of communication that could only come from your company.

Your animation will give a powerful, persuasive voice to what your brand stands for, what you want to say, and how you want to say it. In a way that’s truly unique and that will set you apart.

It’ll be a tool you can use in so many different ways to communicate with your target audience, whoever they are.



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