Brand Development

Only one product in any given market can be the cheapest.

The rest had better have a very clear idea of what their purpose is, if they want to survive.

A distinct brand is now classed as an asset on your balance sheet. And having a clear idea of where it stands in your market also has valuable benefits to your P&L

A strong brand can:

  • Strengthen customer loyalty
  • Make it easier for new customers to choose you (they’re more likely to trust a brand they’ve heard of)
  • Make trade partners more willing to support you
  • Make it easier to attract talent and capital
  • Enable clearer internal decision making.

How RMS can help

We’re here to build your brand and shape your reputation. To dig down into what matters, help you see your company as others see you. To tell you good news and uncomfortable truths. To help you see all that’s good about your brand, what people want from it and help you make more of it.

RMS will be your able guides through this volatile, unpredictable world. All our tools are at your disposal, including:

  • Expert competitor analysis of your whole market
  • Brand workshops – WHO buys your product, WHAT they think of it, WHY they think it and HOW to find more of them

  • Brand strategy – working out the soul and the purpose of your brand makes it easier to plot its future
  • Establishing clear brand guidelines – an easy to follow 'user manual' so that everyone who sings your praises keeps to the same tune
  • Finding your unique tone of voice, so that everyone who speaks for you sounds like you
  • Identity design – distilling all the above down into the instant, powerful message conveyed by your brand name, logo, style and visuals


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