1-Minute Interview - Satinder Singh

1-Minute Interview - Satinder Singh image
Satinder Singh, web developer, gives us an insight into his life outside work in this quick-fire interview.

Where do you live?

"In the wonderful leafy town of Altrincham!"

What hobbies and pastimes do you enjoy?

"Watching, playingwalking, talking, sleeping and even breathing … football! (I’m a Red Devil)."

Where do you like to eat?

“If I’m in the city centre, Handmade Burger Co."

What’s your favourite tipple?

"I don’t drink alcohol so it’d have to be Coke."

What’s your guilty pleasure?

“I act like I hate it but EastEnders."

Do you have a cherished item?

“A George Best biography. Although it can be purchased from any book store, this particular one was given to me by a very close neighbour just before he sadly passed away."

Name one song you love.

“Eminem - Headlights, to name just one."

And a film.

"Tricky. Got to be one of the Star Wars movies but not one of the prequels!"