Reputation management has never been more important.

The internet has provided a platform of unlimited opportunity for publicity whilst at the same time leaving businesses under the constant scrutiny of the public. Consumers the world over are now much more concerned with brands standing for something or projecting a personality to which they can relate and engage with.

In an over-saturated market, it’s no longer enough to simply offer a product or service.

Which is why reputation management is more important than ever. Maintaining a positive reputation for your business is a perpetual task which covers everything from responding pleasantly to emails, all the way through to dealing with PR crises.

What is reputation management?

Reputation management is at the heart of PR and is the fundamental reason we’re employed to look after your business. It runs through everything we do. Reputation management is an ongoing task which is often unconscious but at the same time ever present. Essentially, it’s the process of positively influencing public perceptions of a brand or company. This means it can cover everything from creating content to organising events.

Content comes in various forms such as press releases, features, blog posts, case studies, social media posts (the list goes on) - all of which are created with the intention of cultivating positive perceptions of your brand.

Reputation management requires an ongoing receptiveness to current events, reacting appropriately to them and making sure any issues are handled with delicacy.

Managing your reputation is also vitally important in times of crisis when everything you say in the media falls under close scrutiny. In these instances, you need an agency to liaise with the media and craft the appropriate responses to portray your brand in the best light.

It also covers proactive campaigns that seize the initiative to create certain ideas about your brand which resonate with your audience.

Benefits of reputation management

Reputation management can sometimes be dismissed by businesses as a non-essential overhead. However, modern consumers now scrutinize what a brand stands for alongside the products and services they offer.

With a constant ear to the ground, you can ensure that everything you are saying in the public eye helps to perpetuate a positive image of your brand.

Reputation management not only involves your activity in the public domain, it also covers your relationships with clients and internally with staff.

Building strong relationships is the key to any good business, and managing these relationships is even more important as it shows that you are reliable, receptive and professional.

A company that shows they care about its reputation is far more likely to appeal to consumers – and employees - than one that solely focuses on financial success.

Excellent reputation management humanises your brand and makes consumers buy into the idea of your company as a whole, rather than just your product or service. 

"Excellent reputation management humanises your brand and makes consumers buy into the idea of your company as a whole, rather than just your product or service"

Our approach to reputation management

At RMS, our number one concern is to manage the reputation of your business. We firmly believe that once a business has a strong identity, everything follows. Potential clients will only give you their trust (and money) if they believe that you can do a great job for them.

The first step in creating this trust is to foster a bulletproof reputation through positive, proactive actions.

This can be something simple like wishing a client a happy birthday or inviting them for a coffee to catch up on events. We believe that attentiveness is a strong business asset, not least because it shows you understand your customers and staff, and ultimately, that you care.

Along with ongoing day-to-day reputation management, we’re also well versed in responding to PR disasters as they happen. At RMS we offer a crisis communications service where a dedicated team will be on hand 24/7 to respond to ANY PR disaster that arises, as it happens.

We have over 25 years’ experience and have worked with a wide variety of B2B and B2C clients. We know how to separate you from the competition and cultivate a formidable reputation for your brand.

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