It doesn’t matter how good your product is, if nobody knows about it you might as well have not produced it.

Launching a new product, or brand for that matter, requires an effective public relations strategy to tell the world about your next big thing. Powerful PR tactics from highly skilled PR pros can help to get your new product noticed and unveiled to your target audience.

The market is swamped with product launches so to attract attention, a strategic and sustained approach is required to ensure you get noticed and build a ‘share of voice’.

Importantly, there isn’t a one size fits all approach. Every product is different and every launch will require different PR tactics to ensure maximum impact.

What are product launches?

A product launch is a PR technique that utilises the media to communicate your new product with your customers, both new and existing.

Product launches can be very exciting. Contrary to popular opinion, they are not one-hit pieces of activity but usually consist of an on-going campaign over three to six-month campaign.

A buzz around your product needs to be created and the media is the perfect tool to use. Using every aspect of the media effectively is key to generating a ‘maximum buzz’ and make your product stand out and get noticed immediately.

Many third part endorsements are utilised before and during the launch. Working closely with journalists, radio presenters, bloggers, celebrities and event managers to promote the product will give the campaign maximum reach and position your product right where it needs to be.

A successful product launch requires a campaign that quickly gathers momentum and snowballs its way right to the heart of the consumer or business owner who will ultimately purchase from you.

Benefits of product launches

One of the main benefits of a product launch is the exposure and attention that’s generated around your business.

It’s not rocket science, when people see your product, they see your business. When your product is featured in the press, reviewed by a blogger or a celebrity, people will be directly introduced to your company.

If your product launch is a success, people will often look further than the product. Website traffic will increase after reading or hearing about your new product - potential customers like to do their research and will want to find our more information about your company. This attention can lead to a larger customer base and more sales of new and existing products.

As much as the launch is about the new and exciting product you’ve created, it’s also about you! The launch is an opportunity to profile your business alongside the product. Getting this right can have a snowball effect for your business post-launch. Making sure the business’s key messages are heard throughout the campaign is vital – if people don’t buy the product you’ve launched they might purchase something else that you offer.

"After 25 years in the industry, we’ve built up a significant number of contacts within the media who would be interested in receiving samples of your product to share with their respective audiences"

Our approach to product launches

At RMS we’ve been launching brands, products and services for almost two decades – we know what we’re doing. You can see a great example here.

Our team are experts in developing and delivering campaign strategies for product launches that create a buzz for your new product.

We work closely with you to completely understand your product, who its targeted at and most importantly who you want to buy it.

Planning and preparation will start way before launch day and we’ll work up a PR strategy that teases your product in order to build up anticipation and interest before its launch.

Sending a press release out just won’t cut it. You need to deliver your product in front of leading journalists and editors to gain maximum exposure – we can do that.

After 25 years in the industry, we’ve built up a significant number of contacts within the media who would be interested in receiving samples of your product to share with their respective audiences.

Sometimes, the product itself just isn’t enough to secure great coverage. Our creative team of in-house designers can work alongside you to craft expert photography, infographics, advertisements and videos to ensure that your product gets to where it needs to be.

Both your business and your product will be in safe hands with our dedicated product launch team who will work tirelessly pre, during and post launch to make sure your product flies off the shelves!

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