The media landscape can often be a difficult terrain to navigate. Without the proper training and approach, a slip of the tongue can be transformed into a public relations nightmare.

Journalists nationwide are hungry for news, and making sure they get the right story at the right time is a skill in itself. That’s why press office management has become just as crucial to PR as producing great content.

Long-gone are the days when the PR profession involved schmoozing journalists, as the time constraints of the modern journalist means they are often confined to their desk. It’s for this reason that managing relationships with journalists and media outlets has become so important.

What is press office management?

Nowadays, most major businesses will employ someone to deal with the press. It has become a necessity, particularly in the age of media where your company is never more than a step away from the limelight – whether it’s for the right reasons or not!

An aim of PR is to intelligently and carefully craft messages and make sure the right approach is used because every single journalist has their very own preferred way of working. 

Whether it’s publicising some important company news, reacting to a current event or providing a case study about a successful business venture – a press officer is the person to help you do it.

The bread and butter of every press officer is a talent for copywriting and an eye for a story - but beyond that, is the capability to communicate with the media and devise the best strategy and approach.

Press office management involves keeping a close eye on media coverage that relates to your company, tracking industry changes and drafting the appropriate material.

The key to brilliant press office management is a mix of both proactive and reactive actions which closely link in with the news agenda.

A good press officer should be able to identify the right opportunities and craft appropriate responses to position their client at the forefront of their respective industry.

Benefits of press office management

Properly executed press office management is one of the most fundamental and effective ways of making sure your company looks good in the media.

Not only does it help to maintain a strong reputation, it makes you appear receptive and dynamic – constantly reacting to the current news agenda.

In times of crisis, having an expert team of press officers will keep your head above water. Drafting media statements, liaising with journalists and managing internal communications are all crucial roles for positioning a company as empathetic in times of crisis.

There is nothing worse than a company that seems unconcerned about its audience. The bigger the company, the easier it becomes to lose sight of the people that comprise your customer base, and the more important it becomes to have a press officer who understands how you should interact with this audience via the media.

Press office management is an ongoing task which requires constant attentiveness. It’s knowing what to say, how to say it, who to say it to and when to say it.

Without press office management, it’s difficult for a brand to build up a strong reputation which is the foundation of any successful business. 

"Press office management is an ongoing task which requires constant attentiveness. It’s knowing what to say, how to say it, who to say it to and when to say it"

Our approach to press office management

Although these days we have many strings to our bow, RMS was built from a specialism of traditional public relations. Over the 26 years we’ve been around, we have developed a formidable reputation with publications nationwide (global, in fact).

A key part of media management is building strong relationships with the titles you are keen to target. In basic terms, a journalist needs to be sure that the content they’re receiving is high quality.  

Media outlets know that the content we provide is of a high standard because we’ve been doing it successfully for so long. Our reputation has been hard-earned and will help us ensure your name cuts through an over-saturated and highly competitive market.

Over the years we’ve built strong relationships with a variety of media outlets across a variety of sectors. Not only do we consistently get our work in regional and trade press, but we’ve also cracked the more difficult task of getting national and international coverage.

Although our skills aren’t restricted to these areas, we have specialisms within the following sectors:

  • Legal PR
  • Insurance PR  
  • Manufacturing PR
  • Maritime PR
  • Financial PR

We’ve worked across these sectors for so long that we understand our clients’ needs from day one, and are best placed to advise on what works.

We think that every business has something worthwhile to say and we guarantee that we can get your voice heard.

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