Identifying and creating newsworthy stories comes second nature to our experienced team of media relations experts and ex-journalists.

We have decades of experience identifying the types of stories that make an impact and we know exactly how to get them in the right places.

Our relationships with senior editors and journalists from local and national media titles – alongside specific industry sector titles - have been built up for over 25 years, ensuring we are trusted, well respected and the first point of call for journalists looking for expert commentary and opinion.

Effective media relations can help to position a brand or business as an industry leader, build a positive reputation and significantly increase sales or leads all through the art of storytelling.

Media relations is an essential part of any communications strategy and, done well, can quickly propel a business to new heights.

We live and breathe media relations and it’s a never-ending job to get our client’s messages in the news – or, better still, get our clients to be the news. 

What is media relations?

Media relations is what it’s all about. It has been the cornerstone of public relations for as long as the industry has existed and remains a key part of any marketing strategy.

Put simply, media relations is the process of working with a wide range of print and online publications to communicate your key messages and business stories – it is the relationship between you and the media. The overarching goal of every media relations strategy is to ensure that your newsworthy stories and key messages appear right in front of your target audience, making sure that your business is seen by the right people at the right time.

Expert media relations strategies help to establish a business’s reputation, demonstrating its expertise and building credibility, publicly. Being seen in the media is like receiving a third-party endorsement of your products, service and expertise.

Benefits of media relations

Effective media relations strategies establish a brand or business’s reputation among a vast audience. Reputation for a business is the life and blood of an organisation and the real benefit from effective media relations. Positive news coverage and expert opinion pieces offer high credibility for your business and you’ll quickly become trusted and well-respected figure within your target audience and, often, beyond.

Robust media relations can play a huge role in the commercial success of a business. Communicating your messages succulently builds positive relationships between brands and audiences and can ultimately result in an increase in inquires, sales or new business.

Alongside this, journalists tend to reach out to their contacts for comment when something big lands on their desk. These opportunities are a quick and simple way to build the brand recognition of your business and position yourself as an expert, but are only available to people who have carefully curated relationships with relevant journalists – like us.

"We have a nose for a good story and a cracking eye for detail allowing us to consistently position all of our clients right where they want and need to be"

Our approach to media relations

Our expert approach, strategic insight and big RMS book of media contacts gives you the confidence that we can position your business exactly in front of your target audience.

After 25 years in the game we’ve built up a substantial amount of media contacts who know that we are a reliable source of information and can be trusted to get copy, samples and any other editorial collateral to them when they need it.

We have a nose for a good story and a cracking eye for detail allowing us to consistently position all of our clients right where they want and need to be.

Securing media coverage, whether traditional or digital, is what we really surpass at. Our expert copywriters know how to craft powerful and persuasive press releases for maximum impact.

Coming up with storylines and ideas that will excite your target media is one of the key components to our successful media relations approach. Our feature and article ideas are regularly accepted and included in to publishing schedules and content programmes for a wide range of publications. From coming up with the idea, pitching it to our media contacts and writing the copy, it’s safe to say that you’re in good hands. 

Our team of media relations experts and ex-journalists are also on hand to provide:

  • Advise on print and broadcast media interviews and interview techniques
  • Manage a professional press office
  • Write and design successful award entries
  • Measure and evaluate the impact of media exposure

We will get you known and talked about for all the right reasons.

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