In an extremely short space of time, social media marketing has transformed from a bit of a marketing afterthought into a key driver of brand awareness and revenue in both the B2B and B2C sectors.

An active social media account makes it easier than ever for brands to build close, personal relationships with their customers and develop a very defined brand personality. The speed with which messages travel, however, make mistakes harder-hitting than ever before.

Alongside traditional social media accounts, paid social media has risen to the fore in recent years, offering unprecedented levels of targeting and incredible levels of ROI.

All of this has transformed perceptions of social media in the marketing world. With every generation now active on social media, you can always be confident that you can reach your intended market, making it key to getting your message across online.

What is social media management and advertising?

Social media encompasses a wide array of online properties which focus on different niches, the most popular of which include: Facebook (the all-rounder), Twitter (the place for news), Snapchat (the place to share candid photos with friends), Instagram (where your best photographs live) and Pinterest (a creative’s paradise).

Each of these platforms naturally caters for different audiences and has different strengths and weaknesses which require a unique strategy if you are to take advantage of the opportunities available.

Our social media marketing services can be broken down into two unique activities: social media management and paid social media advertising.

Social media management consists of the day-to-day management of your social media platforms, including updating their content, engaging with customers and monitoring customer sentiment and behaviour across the platforms. In short: it’s what you probably think of when you think ‘social media marketing’.

Paid social media marketing is the process of running paid campaigns on a social media platform, and has the potential to be a powerful string to your marketing bow. Typically, more cost-effective than other forms of paid advertising, paid social media advertising also allows for extremely granular targeting, ensuring you only reach the most relevant audiences.

Benefits of social media management and advertising

Having an active social media account allows you to build a closer, more human connection with your customers, making it easier to create brand advocates and benefit from word-of-mouth advertising as well as differentiating you from your competition.

Part of building up this connection with your customers will be through good customer service, and the benefits of social media customer service have been widely publicised. It has been shown that 67% of consumers today expect businesses to offer customer service on social media and those that do have been proven to grow almost 5% faster. 

The fact that people are constantly communicating on social media also allows you to gain insights into what people think of your brand in real-time. Advanced social listening tools constantly monitor social media discussion around your brand and establish the tone of the discussion, allowing you to quickly detect and rectify slight shifts in consumer perception.

Alongside this, social media also allows you to get your content out extremely quickly and easily to a potential audience of millions. It enables you to speak directly to your customers.

"Paid social media marketing is the process of running paid campaigns on a social media platform, and has the potential to be a powerful string to your marketing bow"

Our approach to social media management and advertising

Our first step with any clients is to sit back and learn. We aim to work with you to learn everything there is to know about your business, your objectives, your tone of voice, your competitors, and your customers before developing a plan. This depth of knowledge allows us to create the perfect strategy for sustainable, long-term business growth.

If we are managing your social media accounts, we will then undertake a thorough audit of your current social media activity and research your competitors. This will help us to build a picture of what type of content has proven popular in your niche, building the foundation of our content strategy.

Following this, we will develop a full strategy for each of the individual platforms we feel are suitable for your business. Every social media platform is different, meaning it is vital to develop a unique strategy for each platform if you are to maximise ROI.
As we implement your strategy, we will constantly monitor the effectiveness of our work, providing you with regular reports whilst consistently building on our strategy as we learn more about your audience.

If we are implementing a paid social media marketing strategy for you, we will use the initial learning process to build up a picture of your target audience, establishing which platforms would be suitable and what targeting methods we should use to reach them.

Alongside this, we will look at any paid social media campaigns you may have done before, learning from what has and hasn’t worked in the past. Our strategy will be developed and implemented with this in mind.

Once again, implementing our initial strategy isn’t the end, as we will constantly monitor, test and build on your adverts as we look to bring you the maximum possible ROI.


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