The modern age is swiftly becoming defined by apps.

Ever since their emergence in 2008, people have downloaded apps in their billions, using them for organising their lives, shopping, entertainment, and more. Our mobile app developers work closely with businesses across all sectors to develop apps for iOS, Android and Windows which make the lives of your customers or employees even simpler.

The main advantages of apps are their versatility and ease-of-use. You can create an app to accomplish almost any task you require, with users able to access it with a simple tap.

Our mobile app developers work in our Manchester office to develop beautiful, easy-to-use mobile apps designed to meet the exact requirements of your business.

What is a mobile app?

A mobile app is an application on your Apple iOS, Android or Windows smartphone or tablet which allows user to perform specific tasks without needing to use a web browser. Having the features of the app available at a tap makes it fast and easy to use, while push notifications are an easy way to remind users of the app of certain things.

Mobile apps are used for a wide variety of purposes across all sectors of business, with common uses being: online shopping, loyalty cards, schedule planning and performing administrative tasks when out of the office.

If your mobile app is consumer-focused, it will be downloaded by users from the app store for their particular device, the Google Play Store, for example. You can also install apps to devices manually if you require it to be used solely by employees rather than members of the public.

Designed specifically for mobile devices and accessible with a single tap, a good mobile app will allow users to complete tasks in the easiest, most effective manner possible.

Benefits of mobile apps

When a customer is using your mobile app they are locked into your ecosystem, with no distractions pulling them away to a competitor. This, in turn, leads to much higher conversions through mobile apps, which generates more revenue for your business, with data showing that conversion rates through mobile apps are 120% higher than mobile websites and 20% higher than desktop websites.

Alongside this, more people use apps than browse the web on mobile devices, cementing the fact that a mobile application is the preferred method for users interacting with a business on a mobile device.

As well as benefitting your customers, a mobile app is also an ideal direct marketing channel for your business, making it much simpler to highlight key messages to people who have shown an interest in your business already. Using push notifications will also allow you to get relevant messages out at key times to everyone with your app, without them even needing to open it.

Having the app sitting on their phone is also a constant reminder of your brand for the user, reinforcing your brand in their mind with no active marketing activity required.

But apps don’t only work for your customers, they can also make the lives of your staff easier too. Imagine your sales staff being easily able to update your system with notes about their appointment straight after it, rather than having to come back to the office or do it at home at the end of the day, or your warehouse staff being able to immediately mark off orders they have picked.

"Our mobile app development team work closely with your business to create the perfect app for you"

Our approach to developing mobile apps

Our mobile app development team work closely with your business to create the perfect app for you. As such, the first thing we do for every app we build is simply listen and learn, discovering what you need the app to accomplish, the features you require, what your users require from your business, and any technological specifications you have. This knowledge forms the foundations on which we develop your mobile app.

Once we have gathered all of the information, we will then begin planning your app. Establishing all of the features required, mapping out the app and planning all of the pages will give everyone a good idea of how the app will work. Following your approval of this, we begin designing your app.

The design process is where you will start seeing your app coming together, as our app designers develop the look and navigation of the app, ensuring it conveys all of the relevant information and is as easy as possible for your users to use.

Following the completion of the design process, our mobile app developers will get to work weaving the technical wizardry to make your app work perfectly. This process will also include testing the app to ensure all issues are resolved before launch.

Once development is complete, it will finally be time to launch your app into the world! Of course, our team are available after this to continue optimising your app and making changes based on user feedback and data.

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