Content marketing is the fastest-growing area of marketing, as more businesses appreciate the incredible value it brings.

Inevitably, this means there is more noise out there than ever before so a good piece of content doesn’t cut it anymore. Your content needs to be great.

In addition to having great content, you also need to promote it in the right way to ensure it gets in front of your audience and the army of potential customers you have online. Even the greatest piece of content will struggle to gain traction if it is not properly promoted.

Our multi-skilled team work from our Manchester offices to create everything from beautiful infographics to engaging videos and informative blogs. Promoting the content in the right way also ensures it is seen by consumers, driving traffic to your website and gaining links from high-value publications.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing technique where you create and share materials such as videos, written pieces or visualisations. Typically, your content won’t explicitly promote your brand – instead, it is designed as a more natural way to highlight your expertise and drive links and traffic to your website, thereby improving your SEO performance and reputation in your industry.

Although the first thing that typically comes to mind when discussing content marketing is a company blog used to assist customers and provide updates on your company’s activities it has, in fact, dramatically evolved.

Popular content marketing techniques today include promotional material such as: videos, infographics, white papers, surveys and more, alongside your traditional blog. Used in the correct way, content marketing will drive qualified traffic to your website, establish you as a voice of authority in your industry, and improve your SEO performance by building links from high-quality publications and websites.

Benefits of content marketing

Well-done, varied content marketing brings a number of benefits to your business and can play a key role in driving revenue and improving ROI from your marketing activities. Data has shown, for example, that content-rich websites with active blogs generate up to 97% more leads than those who invest less in their content.

Driving audiences to your content is also an extremely effective method of building an audience for remarketing. People reading your content will typically be interested in your product or service but may not be ready to buy at that moment in time. Pushing the content out to new audiences can drive fresh interest and allow you to remarket to people at a later date, ensuring you’re foremost in their thoughts at the time of purchase.

As well as directly driving people to your website, content marketing can also have huge SEO benefits. Indeed, a focus on content is one of the most effective methods of improving your presence on Google and other search engines.

In-depth, high quality, content lets search engine algorithms know that your website is a good source of information and will be useful for people searching for terms related to your niche. Good quality content will also be linked to by other people and businesses, thereby increasing the number of inbound links to your website, another powerful SEO factor.

"Well-done, varied content marketing brings a number of benefits to your business and can play a key role in driving revenue and improving ROI from your marketing activities"

Our approach to content marketing

At RMS, we understand that every business is unique. As such, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to content marketing, instead choosing to work with you to establish the most effective avenues to sustainably grow your business.

Our first step to developing a content marketing strategy that’s right for you will be to sit with you to learn more about you and your business. Learning everything possible about the long and short-term objectives of your business, your tone of voice and how you wish to position yourself, your current and ideal customers and more, will provide us with the foundation we need to develop the best content marketing strategy possible for your business.

Once we have learned everything possible about you and your business, we will research your competitors. Analysing their activities will allow us to see what is and isn’t effective in your field, allowing us to develop a much more effective strategy from the start.

This information will then allow us to develop the right content marketing strategy for your business. We will establish what content would work best and what would be possible with your budget and develop a full strategy for your business that may include blogs, infographics, videos and more.

Alongside developing a plan for the content, we will also develop a promotional strategy which will ensure your content is seen by the best audience possible. Our objective is always to drive high-quality visitors to your website. After all, 1,000,000 hits per day is no good if only 10 of those people are relevant prospects for your business.

Once agreed, we will begin working on creating and publishing your content. Whilst doing this, we will closely monitor the reception to these pieces, constantly tweaking the strategy to ensure the best possible results.

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