Print is powerful.

As people experience ‘inbox overload’, the power of a well-designed and printed brochure, leaflet or flyer is greater than ever. With the majority of media now being consumed through screens, print can be the thing that cuts through and gets you noticed.

People pay more attention to a well-designed piece of print purely because it acts as a powerful first point of impact for your customers to engage with you.  

Being ahead of the curve and using print as a way to distinguish yourself can be what separates a business from the swathes of non-descript digital adverts.

What is print design?

Not to be confused with printing, print design is the graphic design process which goes into creating physical, printed matter – think posters, flyers, brochures and leaflets. Any physical printed materials which you can hold and feel is classed as print design.

It has been around for centuries and has always been a successful way of getting a point across, except now the quality of print design is far superior to what it used to be.

Many graphic designers will happily create an advert or logo for a website but having the capability to create high-quality designs specifically for print is much rarer. Print design requires strong technical design skills as there are more considerations to take into account, such as bleed and the various size considerations of the final product. 

Practically any design rendered on graphic design software can be replicated in the physical, which makes printed materials a unique tool to present complex designs and ideas.

On the other side, print design can be used to create, simple minimalist designs which often have just as much impact as the former.

Either way, print designed materials are purposefully eye-catching and have a strong history of conveying thoughts and ideas.  They also have shelf life and can’t just be deleted at the touch of a button.

Benefits of print design

In a climate which is dominated by online graphic design, going back to basics with a striking piece of print can be what separates you from the swathes of unimaginative emails and pop up advertisements.

A well-designed printed item creates a deep and long-lasting impression of your organisation – it is a powerful marketing tool – often the starting point of a hopefully long journey with your clients.

It gives your customer something real and tangible that they can hold in front of them. Print has been around for centuries so it has consistently proven to be an effective medium for stopping people in their tracks and getting a message across.

A piece of print that is eye-catching, informative and interesting is more likely to entice a potential customer than a disposable pop-up ad on a screen.

"In a climate which is dominated by online graphic design, going back to basics with a striking piece of print can be what separates you from the swathes of unimaginative emails and pop up advertisements"

Our approach to print design

Our design team manage every stage of the creative process from concept to print, with professional photography, spectacular illustration, persuasive copywriting, creative typography and skillful layout.

Combined with a deep understanding of all the latest printing techniques, we are able to deliver spectacular brochure design and print solutions.

All of our printed designs are specifically created with scalability and longevity in mind. We produce designs which can go across all of your marketing apparel and the high-quality rendering techniques we utilise ensure that any of our designs will look just as good on a 30ft billboard as they will on a leaflet.

We’ve worked with clients across a multitude of sectors meaning we’re well versed in adapting to different styles and approaches. Whatever design best suits your brand, you can be sure that we can tailor our approach to encompass everything you want to portray as a business.

Print design is one of our specialisms and we have a proven track record of creating visually stunning printed materials which have been used for a whole host of projects.

We work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that your project is executed to your exact specifications.

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