Being such a significant part of art and modern culture, it can be easy to overlook how powerful illustration can be as a marketing tool.

However, in a world of computer generated images - the appetite for something more personal is greater than ever.  

Graphic design typically grows from an initial sketch scribbled on a notepad which is then transformed into a sleek, professional looking image with the help of a computer. What if the edge-smoothing process was eliminated and, instead, the initial sketch was refined into something more honest and authentic?

Well, you’d be left with a beautiful illustration, which these days can be what separates you from the competition.

What is illustration?

An illustration is a visual representation of anything, from a simple line of text or a picture to a more abstract concept or idea. Traditionally, an illustration is an image which has the effect of being ‘hand-drawn’, which makes it look more distinct than a piece of highly-finished conventional graphic design.

Illustration is usually more expressive with obvious artistic flair, all of which intends to create subjective mood or emotion. Graphic design is like illustration’s ‘sciencey’ counterpart and is more concerned with conveying a clear message or achieving a certain objective, rather than creating an emotional impact.

Compare the Apple logo to a cover of a Roald Dahl book and you have a clear distinction between graphic design and illustration.

Although the distinction between graphic design and illustration may be blurred, it is clear throughout current design trends that most corporate images lean towards graphic design. It’s for this reason that illustration is more important than ever, and here’s why.

Benefits of illustration

The beauty of an illustration is its ability to subconsciously conjure feelings and emotions around your brand that no amount of text could.  As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words - and we think an illustration speaks twice that. 

As discussed above, graphic design is all about getting your brand’s message across by creating an image which sums you up and tells your audience everything that they need to know.

An illustration goes beyond this and evokes those elusive feelings and emotions that you want people to associate with your brand. A great illustration will allow you to conjure a message which speaks to something innate within you audience.

It can add a human element to your brand’s image, as it naturally feels more human and organic than a computer-generated image.

A successful illustration can capture your brands ethos whilst simultaneously creating a point of difference from the competition.

"Much of our design work features bespoke illustration, which ensures that what we create is tailored and unique to your brand"

Our approach to illustration

Once we’ve agreed the subject of your illustration – and it could be something, someone, a process or an abstract scene – we’ll show you some styles and present ideas. 

All of our designers have years of experience working in the industry across a wide variety of clients, so they know that your vision is just as important as theirs. We work closely with all our clients, listening closely to them so we can perfect a design that absolutely captures the essence of what you’re trying to convey.

We listen to all of your suggestions and guide you through the design process every step of the way.

Much of our design work features bespoke illustration, which ensures that what we create is tailored and unique to your brand.

We can provide unique illustrations that become your intellectual property and remove the risk of competitors using the same imagery as you.

Sometimes the beauty of an illustration is in its simplicity. We produce illustrations for all types of businesses and we’ve got the skills to convey your company’s brand identity succinctly in a beautiful illustration.

The illustrations we craft are specifically designed to convey your brand’s message in a way that is distinctive to your company. 

Competitors are much less likely to be able to replicate an eye-catching illustration which means they are a brilliant way to set yourself apart.

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