Brand development sessions and creative workshops are designed to put your brand under the spotlight.

A brand workshop will help you to take a fresh look at your brand identity through an experienced set of eyes. We’ll run a fine-tooth comb through your brand, where you currently are, and where you’d like to be.

Every now and then a brand needs to take time to reflect. Stepping outside and tackling strategic challenges with branding experts delving right to the brand’s core can be invaluable.

Discovering the authentic soul of a brand is so important. An outside perspective can be a refreshing voice to hear and expert consultancy on how to take your brand forward can be invaluable.

What are brand workshops?

An interactive brand workshop combines research of your target audience with an in-depth analysis of your competition and our own brand experiences to develop a meaningful understanding of who you are and what your brand stands for.

Imagine them like a car service. Branding sessions, which often include key board members and senior figures, can help to spark new ways of doing things, refresh visual identities and dust off tired old ones – sometimes pointing the business in a new direction it never saw coming.

Branding workshops and development sessions usually take place over one or two days with extensive research taking place prior to the sessions. A team of highly experienced designers and branding creatives will explore a wide range of attitudes, values and brand awareness along with your position in the market to paint a solid picture of your brand.

Benefits of brand workshops

The benefits and outcomes of any brand workshop can directly affect the commercial success of the business.
Slightly different for each client, typically most workshops work towards four clear outcomes for any brand to take away:

  1. Brand personality and tone of voice
    Defining how the character of the business is express through words, both written and spoken, is vital. It’s not so much about what you say but how you say it, and the impression it leaves on people that read or hear about you.

  2. Brand positioning
    Where does your brand sit amongst the competition? The answer to this question can help shape marketing strategies along with medium and long-term plans for the future direction of your brand.

  3. Brand messages
    Probably the most important takeaway from the workshop. Understanding what you need to say to grab the attention of your audience is vital to any business model. Once you define this and centre all your internal and external activity around it - you’ll be going places.

  4. Unique selling point
    What sets you apart from your competition? Every brand or business is unique in some shape or form. The trick is to outline it. Once you have it firmly set you can utlise it for maximum impact – it’s something nobody has to offer!

"Our team of branding experts are important to the success of the workshop. We’ve helped brands grow and evolve for almost two decades, branding and rebranding businesses from a wide range of sectors, including a whole town!"

Our approach to brand workshops

Prior to the workshop, our team will roll our sleeves up and dig deep into your business. Understand your position in the market, your history, audience and challenges in order to be fully prepared to explore your brand.

We have three main focuses in all our workshops:

Purpose – Why do you do what you do?

Values – What do you stand for and how do these values make you different?

Vision – What does the future look like for the brand?

We won’t leave until we’ve explored all three aspects and compiled them in to a branding document for you to use as a foundation for growing your brand over time.

Our team of branding experts are important to the success of the workshop. We’ve helped brands grow and evolve for almost two decades, branding and rebranding businesses from a wide range of sectors, including a whole town!

An outside perspective is imperative to the future success of your brand. You live it every day and can sometimes become blinded by certain aspects of the brand which could be holding it back. Taking a back seat and allowing our team of branding experts to undertake a deep analysis of your business can unearth things you might never have thought about.

The end result is a strategic document that outlines your brand in a format that’s easy to understand and quick to implement to further grow your brand.

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