Crisis comms support for FSB members

We’re delighted to remain the only provider of crisis communications support to members of the FSB.

Some of you will already know we provide crisis communications support to members of the Federation of Small Businesses, the largest business membership organisation in the UK (fortunately, its 500,000 members haven’t all called us!). 

As well as providing telephone and in-person support about handling a media/social crisis, we write advisory articles for their magazine First Voice, which is the highest circulation B2B publication in the UK.  Here’s a snap of our latest submission …

Crisis comms requires specialist expertise and we are close to launching a package of services to make it accessible for other businesses, brands and organisations, too.  Watch this space and, remember, if you have a ‘situation’ give us a call on 0161 927 3131.

Here’s our latest submission …

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