Hats in Space

Hats in Space image
We were thrilled to be appointed by JD Outdoor again this year to increase awareness and sales of a bobble hat created specifically by them to support Children in Need.

Like last year, we decided to run another social media campaign, encouraging people to take a selfie wearing their hat with the hashtag #HatsOn!  Why change a winning formula?  

And yet again, we managed to secure some fantastic blogger engagement and support from celebrities, including adventurer Bear Grylls, reality TV star Jessica Wright and TV/radio presenter Jenni Falconer – all of whom have a massive following which is reflected in the growing number of likes and retweets their #HatsOn! posts are attracting.

But we wanted to go one step further so …. we launched a hat into space!  Why wouldn’t you?

Our hat, officially the first bobble hat in space, was launched and retrieved under controlled conditions. Check out the video of its journey here.

Another part of our brief from JD is to encourage sponsored rambles to raise additional funds and awareness of Children in Need.  To get the message across, we organized a mass ramble through the streets of Manchester.  

Nearly 100 people responded to our publicity, donned their bobble hat and joined the 3-hour trek through the city, proving that rambling doesn’t have to take place in the countryside!

With a few weeks to go until Children in Need, the hats have already sold out!  Job done.

children in need ramble manchester

children in need ramble manchester