A Day in the life at RMS...

A Day in the life at RMS... image
Marketing co-ordinator, Mia Pritchard, from telecoms firm Matrix 247 recently spent the day at RMS to gain valuable insights and learn a thing or two about the way we work. Here she pens down her experience.

For four years I have worked as the sole marketing figure for a telecoms business based in Lancashire, but in April 2018 I was given the opportunity to delve into the marketing world at RMS and be a fly on the wall for the day.

My day started with meeting Managing Director, Ruth Shearn, where I explained what my existing job entails and the areas I most struggle with. Ruth had soon after introduced me to her team and involved me in a brainstorm session where account managers discussed ideas for new marketing campaigns for their clients – it was fantastic to be part of such an invigorating discussion from the get-go. I loved hearing the different things they could do for their clients across all mediums including social media, online, print and working with the community.

My first one-to-one session was with Rachel. Rachel gave me a valuable lesson in PR and how to write a compelling press release. Since PR is something I’m not familiar with I felt incredibly lucky to learn all the tips and tricks, what to do, what NOT to do and ideas of different topics I can write about.

Afterwards I sat with Gio, who advised me on the do’s and don’ts for SEO and the benefits of back-linking, meta descriptions and other aspects I wouldn’t ever have thought about such as keyword research and domain authority search bars.

I then met with Social Media Manager, Alex, where I learnt how often to post on social media, what content to post, and valuable organisation skills which would enable me to get some great content out whilst saving time in the process!

Next, Ben showed me some great examples of press releases, what they should include and recommended what tools to use to post them. I also got to see how he reports and measures press releases; which was important to me as a big part of my job in my office is tracking, measuring and reporting everything I do!

Lastly, back at Ruth’s office, I ran through my day and got the opportunity to see a presentation she had prepared for a client. Seeing the wording, ideas behind the actions and the reasons why things had been done was a real eye-opener and I truly feel I had learnt so much from my experience at RMS.

A huge thank you to Ruth and the rest of the marketing force at RMS for making me feel so welcome and letting me be part of the team for the day.