Digital marketing for law firms: how to get clients online

Digital marketing for law firms: how to get clients online image
In a world where the internet is everywhere, the most successful law firms are harnessing the power of online marketing to increase new instructions.

In the legal world, word of mouth and your own personal reputation are still alive and kicking when it comes to winning new cases. However, in a world where the internet is everywhere, the most successful law firms are harnessing the power of online to increase new instructions.

More and more people today go online as their first step to finding legal services, because they want to consider their options and know that they can do this in just a few minutes. This makes it more important that ever to stand out online if your law firm is to reach its full potential.

So, how do you do this? Our digital marketing team has some top tips for you.

Optimise for mobile

Google will provide the lion’s share of your online traffic: its recent mobile first index has made it imperative that you provide a first class mobile experience for your customers and potential clients.

The mobile first index gives priority to high quality mobile versions of websites in its search engine results pages (SERPs), as opposed to desktop versions. This will trigger when users search from their mobile devices, which also include tablets. It’s no surprise, then, that mobile accounts for more than half of all global internet traffic is on mobile.

In short: ensuring your mobile site is in tip-top shape should be your number one digital marketing priority this year.

If you have treated it as an afterthought, act now to avoid falling even further behind in online discoverability.

Dont forget voice search

Alongside mobile, you should also be optimising for voice search this year, with the sale of voice-powered artificial intelligent (AI) assistants now outpacing that of smartphones. Make your move now to develop and implement of a strong voice strategy and stand your law firm head and shoulder over competitors in as an early adopter of human-led search queries.

Email is very much alive

The email is one of the oldest tactics in any digital marketer’s playbook, and as spam filters get more refined, inboxes get busier and more exciting tactics come, along it can be extremely easy to overlook this channel.

Despite feeling positively prehistoric, email marketing still drives the best ROI of any online marketing channel, making strong investment in the channel a safe bet to drive revenue.

For law firms in particular, the email is the easiest way to cultivate a long-term relationship with clients. It helps to ensure that even though they may not need you in the immediate sense, you remain front of mind for future business and for recommendations.

Live video

Huge pushes from services such as Facebook Live have made streaming live video easier than ever before, with anyone now able to start publishing live content with the tap of a button.

This functionality is perfect for law firms who put on seminars and talks, or who wish to show behind-the-scenes footage in a quick, informal manner; allowing you to stream small sections of your events to give people a taste of what they’re missing out on and push your brand even further.

As a bonus, you can then package these streams up after the events and upload them to a range of other sources, thereby increasing your reach and giving you the option to use it as promotional collateral for your next event.

Paid advertising

Paid advertising online comes in a variety of forms. For some, this means boosting a post on Facebook for £10, at the push or a button. For others, this means driving inbound leads through a sophisticated Google AdWords campaign, with four, five or six-figure budgets.

Many law firms tend to forego investing in paid-for strategies, on account of the upfront investment and fear of ‘getting in wrong’ – but in doing so, they miss out on a powerful method of driving targeted awareness, traffic and enquiries.

There is a solution: hand over at least this part of your marketing strategy to an expert, who will ensure that your return is ROI-positive.

The scope of paid advertising is huge: for example, incredible targeting tools and automated remarketing on Facebook allow you to target precise audiences and continue reaching them with customised messages, should they engage with your content or website in any way.

A well set-up Google AdWords campaign will also allow you to target people with adverts at the exact moment they are actively searching for services you provide, bringing you a unique opportunity to spend your budget on people you can be certain have an interest in your services.

Location based marketing

Another benefit of paid advertising is the ability to target specific locations, down to incredibly small areas. This allows you to ensure that your messages are only reaching people in the areas you’re looking to develop business. This ensures that you only spend in the areas that matter to you.

Having this specificity of targeting even allows you to craft your writing to be specific to that location, giving you further opportunity to stand out and reach people with messages which are extremely relevant to them, their location and their needs.

Give our team a call

Of course, you may want to ignore all of this and focus on doing what you do best: providing top-class legal services. If so, you can contact our digital marketing team. Our team specialises in digital marketing for law firms, so we can craft a campaign perfect for your needs.

Simply give us a call on 0161 927 3131 or email our digital team on for a no-obligation chat about how we could help take your law firm to the next level.

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