Digital Marketing for Financial Services Businesses: Six Tips

Digital Marketing for Financial Services Businesses: Six Tips image
Digital marketing has a wide range of avenues which can help your financial services company

In the world of financial services, it can be difficult to connect with consumers, who have shown a marked lack of trust ever since the 2008 financial crisis. Digital marketing has a wide range of avenues which can help you and your company better connect with the public, showcase how you differ from the competition and dispel fears about your level of trustworthiness.

Social media

Social media is an integral part of our lives today: it’s used by people of all ages to keep up with the news, catch up with friends and learn more about businesses of interest. Social media presents a solid opportunity for financial services companies to capture interested browsers with incredible social media content.

Unfortunately, lots of financial services providers underestimate the potential of social media and therefore miss out on a huge opportunity.

Making social media a central component of your marketing strategy, rather than a box to be ticked, will help you to showcase your brand’s values and expertise to huge volumes of potential clients, helping you to stand out in a way other financial services businesses simply don’t.

The power of voice

Over the last few years, speech-to-text and speech recognition services have improved dramatically, allowing for the mainstream breakthrough of voice-activated assistants in phones and home devices. Predictions suggest that 50% of all mobile searches will be performed via voice search by 2020.

This explosive growth means one thing: now is the time to be optimising for voice.

You first step should be to establish how voice search might impact the performance of your SEO campaigns and change course accordingly (natural language and answering direct questions may be the order of the day). Doing this will give your business a tremendous first mover advantage over your rivals, increasing visibility at the exact moment people are searching for a business likes yours.

Search is the first step in how voice will be utilised over the next few years. As voice recognition becomes more readily adopted, more people will want to use it for more activities. If you can make life simple for your customers, allowing them to use voice search for more complex tasks such as account enquiries and making transactions, you’ll be onto a winner. In the world of digital marketing, the first mover advantage is priceless.

Educate people

The 2008, the financial crash caused an incredible amount of suspicion towards companies in the financial services industry; suspicion which is yet to wear off amongst much of the public. Because of this, every financial services company must work twice as hard as any other business to gain the trust of consumers.

Effective use of digital marketing gives you the perfect platform to build this trust amongst your target market and ensure your business is front of mind when they do require your services.

You can use the avenues available to you on digital channels to educate consumers on the good work you do, increase transparency and make the service you perform better understood through varied content – including articles, infographics and videos. And speaking of videos…

Use video

Video is by far the most engaged form of content online at present, making it the perfect way to reach out and showcase your message to potential clients. Alongside this, video is also a great way to show a more human side to your brand.

Although video content may initially seem like an incredibly difficult thing to pull off, it’s easier than you think. Simply take the time to nail down the messages you’re looking to get across to people over the next 12 months and work with your creatives to establish how they could be worked into a video format. If you’re not afraid to get a little creative, you might be surprised at how your messaging is transmitted via video.

Get chatty

Another major digital marketing innovation of recent times has been the rise of the chatbot. As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more advanced than ever before, so the chatbot has risen from a figure of fun to a genuine option for businesses looking to provide the best possible customer service.

A major advantage of the chatbot is its ability to engage with clients on any platform at any time, giving you the ability to provide instant assistance to customers, at a time to suit them. The increasing intelligence of chatbots also allows you to provide an authentic, personalised experience, which breaks through to clients in ways other marketing methods can’t.

If you’re looking to provide customer service which dramatically surpasses your competition, investing in a chatbot to handle many basic enquiries should be your next step. After all, your clients simply want the best experience possible, human or chatbot.

Email isnt dead

Despite being one of the oldest digital marketing techniques around, email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing channels for any financial services business.

The increase in powerful automation tools has made email marketing even more powerful than before in recent years. If set up correctly, you can send engaging, personalised content to clients and prospects, serving the right message to the right people at the right time.

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