Crisis – what crisis?

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With all the media frenzy that surrounds celebrities, it’s all too easy to forget that crises hit mere mortals, too.

RMS is a nationally recognised provider of crisis comms support to SMEs and individuals.  We think there’s been something in the water this past month because our crisis comms team has been in overdrive dealing with a range of cases (most referred to us by lawyers and accountants).

Clearly, we can’t name those we’ve helped but here’s a cross-section to illustrate how anyone can be hit by a crisis.

We recently came to the rescue of a commercial landlord who fell under the media spotlight when one of his properties was turned into a brothel without his knowledge. 

Another case involved a well-respected dating agency that became the victim of a disgruntled client who couldn’t get a date for a whole host of reasons, so decided to take her story to the national press.  It was our job to protect the reputation of the business when the press came knocking, which we did.

Other businesses we’ve helped, including a children’s nursery, a dog walking company and a national e-learning provider, were all facing very real damage due to vicious and sustained campaigns of negativity on social media.

Be under no illusion, negative comments – whether in the press or on social media – can cause terminal damage to a business.  Our job is to manage such situations, either by quashing the story completely or ensuring a fair and balanced report, whereby the person we are representing gets the opportunity to put forward their side.

If you or anyone you know is worried or going through a tough time our dedicated crisis management team is available around the clock to keep reputations intact.

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