Extended Play Featuring Gio di Cosmo

Extended Play Featuring Gio di Cosmo image
Our digital director Giovanni di Cosmo takes control of the decks in our latest edition of Extended Play

The House Music Anthem (Move Your Body; House of Virus Remix) –  Marshall Jefferson & Curtis McClain

For me, this is the original house music anthem… music really does set you free.

Respect – Aretha Franklin

I love my divas, and Aretha has to be one of the ultimate! I somehow managed to play this song a total of 1,196 times during my first year of uni, so it has some significance!  

Maria –  Blondie

I’m not sure if Debbie Harry is a diva or more of a rock chick, but she is high on my older woman crush list. Many would say that ‘Maria’ can’t compare to some of Blondie’s earlier hits, but for me the song makes my playlist because it put Blondie on the radar of my generation years after her initial success.

Solo Dance (Club Mix) – Martin Jensen

This song captures the best in the current trend for spooky vocals in house music. For me, it’s proof that so many remixes are better than the original edits of a given song.

Reason (JRMX Club Mix) – Erasure

Erasure holds a special place in my heart for various reasons, including the narrative of the lead singer. I’m afraid that this is yet another remix, but the acoustics really do capture the complications of romantic disappointment.