Extended Play Featuring Sarah

Extended Play Featuring Sarah image
This week it's the turn of Account Manager Sarah Howarth to take control of the decks and give us a mix of indie classics and some Manchester favourites…

Arctic Monkeys – When The Sun Goes Down

I knew straight away that I would have to have an Arctic Monkeys song as one of my choices – I know practically all the words to all of the songs and frequently belt them out when I’m in the car. I chose this one because it’s a classic that reminds me of when I first discovered the Arctic Monkeys, and I still love it today.

Oasis – Champagne Supernova

After Steps (awkward), Oasis were one of the first bands I saw live and they completely blew me away. How many songs that are seven minutes long have you hooked for every second? This one just doesn’t ever disappoint.

Stone Roses – She Bangs The Drums

I’ve always known the Stone Roses but I only started to really listen to their music after seeing them in Manchester a couple of years ago with friends. This one’s my favourite as it’s a song that gets everyone up belting out the chorus!

The Killers – Mr Brightside

This song was released when I was in high school and always reminds me of house parties and gatherings with friends. We would all be screaming out all the words to each other, and even now when I’m in the car I’m shouting along to every word – so it had to make the list!

Beyoncé – Run The World (Girls)

This one sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the rest! But, there’s no way I could pick five songs and not include my absolute idol, Beyoncé. Run The World is an anthem that I love to dance to, simple!