Extended Play Featuring Alastair

Extended Play Featuring Alastair image
Our resident web developer Alastair discusses why he's chosen his Extended Play tracks

The Clash – Revolution Rock

Originally recorded by Jamaican group Danny Ray, this is one of my favorite songs. I could have chosen any song by The Clash, they’re all brilliant. Although I was a bit young for The Clash, my sister used to play The Clash all the time and I used to fall asleep listening to them most nights. This song was a staple of their live sets and features in the Rude Boy movie.

Al Wilson – The Snake

A northern soul classic, a DJ friend of mine used to play this at the end of his sets and it got the place jumping each time. Brings back some happy memories.

Marty Robbins – Big Iron

My guilty pleasure, gunfighter ballads, country and western. My father worked for the Daily Mail as an area manager and during the school holidays I occasionally got to go out with him as he travelled round the newsagents and wholesalers. He always put this on (on cassette) in the car, I’ve loved it ever since. It also features in the game Fallout: New Vegas (from the Fallout game franchise) on Radio New Vegas, Mojave Music Radio, and Black Mountain Radio.

Freda Payne – Band of Gold

Another Northern Soul classic, a friend introduced me to this when I was around 14, loved it immediately.

Toots and the Maytals – 54-46 Was my Number

Heard this a lot in my scooter boy days as I went to various scooter boy and Skinhead nights (on my scooter) in my teenage years. Always got everyone up on the dancefloor. Classic.