Extended Play Featuring Lynn

Extended Play Featuring Lynn image
Designer Lynn talks us through why she's chosen her Extended Play tracks

House Martins – We're Not Deep

My song choices are based on just one thing: can I dance to them!?

I loved the House Martins in my teens – they were the soundtrack to growing up, going out with friends and having fun. I love this track, it makes me feel so happy!

House of Pain - Jump Around

If this comes on you can expect me to be up dancing! This was a big track when I was at university. My best friend Jude and I absolutely loved it! We jumped around to it then …. and still do now.

Blondie - Atomic

I absolutely love Blondie! She’s a total style icon. My older brother gave me the ‘Parallel Lines’ album when I was about nine and I was hooked. I must have played the album a million times, but Atomic remains my all-time favourite Blondie track.

Fun Lovin' Criminals - Scooby Snacks

It was an exciting time of life when this track came out. I was in my 20’s, had just moved to Manchester and was discovering the city with friends and new boyfriend (now hubby), James. This was our track to dance to when we were out clubbing together.

Arctic Monkeys - Mardy Bum

I love the stories they tell but ultimately, I love this track because it reminds me of the ‘kitchen parties’ we had with our kids - you would definitely find me strumming my air guitar dancing on the worktops with my kids. Not so cool….