Extended Play Featuring Mike

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Graphic designer and RMS musician-in-chief Mike discusses his Extended Play picks

The Dead South – In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company

I don’t remember how, where or when I came across this song – but I’m glad I did! 

With an unhealthy musical upbringing comprising of a curdled mix of Motown and psychedelic prog-rock, my taste in music was always going to be an eclectic car crash! 

The Dead South illustrate this perfectly with an amalgamation of instruments including a cello, banjo, mandolin, guitar and some finger clicks thrown into the mix as well. 

Catchy melodies coupled with seductive, raspy vocals make this a song that will get stuck in your head for days.

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – S.O.B

This is one of those songs I instantly liked. The verses comprise of only hand claps, foot stamps and a harmony of gospel-esque blues vocals, which lead perfectly into a chorus reminiscent of Jake and Elwood Blues.

Moreland and Arbuckle – Purgatory

This choice stems from my fascination with quirky instruments found within the bluegrass/blues rock genre. In this case, it was the cigar box guitar that pulled me in like a moth to a flame. 

What makes this band so unique is that Aaron Moreland’s home-made cigar box guitar defies convention by having a bass guitar string in place of the bottom guitar string. He plugs them into separate guitar and bass amps simultaneously, which is what gives them the big sound of a four or five-piece band. 

This track is my personal favorite from the Moreland and Arbuckle repertoire.

Seasick Steve – Never Go West

I couldn’t possibly have a cigar box guitar track in my playlist without including the man that made them cool – Seasick Steve. 

For decades, Seasick Steve moved from place to place looking for work as a session musician. Having no money to buy instruments, he made his own. 

He finally made his break in the UK in 2006 when he appeared on Jools Holland and later went on to play big festivals such as Glastonbury. Although he’s now an international sensation, his persona of a travelling “hobo” has never evaded him. I think he sums it up perfectly with: “I started off with nothing and I’ve still got most of it left”.

Black Crowes – Hard To Handle

Well, just because it’s an absolute classic!