Protein powered social influencer campaign

Protein powered social influencer campaign image
As you might guess from the name, HI-PRO peanut butter is peanut butter that contains a high amount of protein – 33% to be exact!

Manufactured by Duerr’s, we’ve been asked to raise awareness of the brand among people who enjoy staying fit and healthy.  With limited budgets, we’ve focused on sustainable social media activity to target key influencers.

Our intrepid team carried out extensive research to identify fitness and foodie influencers and bloggers who met two key criteria: high numbers of followers and high levels of engagement with their fans.

A target list identified, we then contacted them for their addresses and posted them tubs of HI-PRO to taste for themselves and review on their social channels.

To-date, every recipient has posted positive comments about the product and featured photographs, which really helps cement the brand in consumers’ minds.

One particularly popular post came from X-Factor finalist Sam Callaghan, who has a following of 136,000!

Although a lot of time is invested in identifying and connecting with suitable influencers, it’s worth pointing out that none of the posts we secure are paid for (although, under new rules, recipients have had to acknowledge the product was as a freebie by putting #gifted on their post).

As mentioned, such influencer campaigns are an extremely cost-effective way of raising brand awareness among a key target audience.

We remain busy identifying the next list of influencers to target but have already engaged with Sky Sports presenter and Formula 1 pundit Natalie Pinkham, who’s already a fan of HI-PRO.  We’re currently arranging interviews for her with leading health and lifestyle magazines so she can help us spread the word about the benefits of HI-PRO.

If your taste buds have been tickled, head on down to Sainsbury’s or Morrisons to get some HI-PRO or become a social media influencer and we might just send you a tub!