Sweetest invention

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Reaching 2 million and counting ...

As 2018 draws to a close, our PR & social team is enjoying a well-deserved round of applause for delivering one of our most successful campaigns to-date. It all started when, at the start of the year, Swizzels asked us for ideas to help promote and celebrate its 90th anniversary.

Several brainstorms later and we launched our Sweetest Invention campaign – a competition where we gave the great British public the chance to create a new sweet.

Due to the brilliant media coverage (here’s just one piece) and social media activity, the campaign reached just shy of 2 million people (1,956,288 to be precise) and secured a whopping 18% engagement on social media (the industry average is just 1.5%).

Crucially, entries flooded in … from the downright weird (avocado sherbet anyone?) to the triumphant suggestion, Great British Dessert Chews (a mixed bag of sweets featuring the classic pudding flavours such as Sticky Toffee Pudding, Apple Pie & Custard and Strawberry Trifle).

The winning entry will now go into full production and sit alongside other Swizzels classics such as Love Hearts, Parma Violets and Drumsticks.

Retail buyers across the board have already said they are keen to taste the new product, with a view to stocking. 

On the surface, this might look like a simple idea but there was a stack of logistical thinking behind the scenes and another round of applause must go to Swizzels for having the vision to make the idea a reality.